Carazo Beaches

La Boquita, Casares, Huehuete, Tupilapa and Chacocente Beaches

Casares beaches

Beaches in Carazo

On the south central part of the Pacific Region, at only 40 kilometers from Managua, Jinotepe is the capital of Carazo, but the gateway town of Carazo to go to its beaches is Diriamba. This department hosts some popular beaches and are not too far from Managua. All within 1 hour and 30 minutes at most from Managua.

The following map shows the geographic location of the beaches of Central Nicaragua. For both Managua and Carazo departments. For the full detailed map of Nicaragua and its beaches visit our Map page.

Carazo Map Nicaragua Beaches

La Boquita Beach

La Boquita popular ranches attracts thousands of visitors each year during the holiday season. It is situated on the Pacific Coast approximately 70 km of Managua. It is a large tourist hub for lacals in Nicaragua, with a tourist complex that features an abundance of popular restaurants, bars and clubs. Despite its popularity it is also considered a clean beach.

This beach, located a half an hour from Diriamba, has its own tourist center with several restaurants, hotels, and bars. The beach has rocky areas from where you can enjoy the sun, but there are also sandy parts perfect for swimming.

Accommodations include Hotel Palmas del Mar and Hotel and Restaurant Suleyka.

By bus: To get there using public transportation, you should fist take a bus to Diriamba (express buses leave opposite of the Universidad Centroamericana in Managua, and the regular buses leave from the Israel Lewites market). The price is less than $1 to get to Diriamba by bus. Buses to La Boquita leave from Diriamba and cost about $0.50.

Drive from Managua on South Pan-American Highway (NIC 1) towards Costa Rica, through El Crucero, to kilometer 40, Diriamba, turn right towards Casares-La Boquita for 27 kms until km 67 intersection. La Boquita is 3 kms north and Casares is 3 kms South from this intersection.

Distance from Managua to La Boquita or Casares is 70 kms and takes 1:00 hours by car and 1:30 hours by bus.

Casares Beach

Casares beach is located 5 kms south of La Boquita, when you travel from Diriamba, drive 27 kms until the junction, La Boquita is 2 kms North and Casares 2 kms South. To go to Huehuete and Tupilapa, you drive through Casares. Both Casares and La Boquita are 30 minutes from Diriamba.

The area between Casares and La Boquita is a tall reef with many private homes and the only access to its beaches is through one of these homes, so tourists have the assurance of being in an uncrowded beach. Its coast line is rocky with strips of sandy beach.

Casares is a small but very attractive beach, with many private homes, fishermen and public areas. Accommodations in this fisherman´s village include Hotel El Casino Casares and Hotel Lapita.

To drive to Casares, see instructions on La Boquita above.

Huehuete Beach

Located about 45 minutes to one hour from Diriamba. A new brick road from Casares was just built so any vehicle can be used to get there. Huehuete is inhabited by fishermen, and therefore a great place to start a fishing trip. Although the beaches are a little rocky they are a nice place to swim and walk. The waves are considered perfectly suitable for surfing.

You can take a taxi or bus from the center of Diriamba to Casares or Huehuete.

Drive from Managua to Casares, as you are entering Casares, turn left for 6 kms until Huehuete.

Distance from Managua to Huehuete is 77 kms and takes 1:15 hours by car and 1:45 hours by bus.

Tupilapa Beach

Tupilapa is a lesser known beach because its road requires a 4x4 vehicle to get there, and there are very few private homes there, nonetheless it is a large extensive beach with great waves and very private. In order to go to Chacocente, most travelers go on the dirt road to Tupilapa and then travel on the beach to Chacocente.

Drive from Managua to Huehete, stay on the dirt road on the left for 4 kms until Tupilapa.

Distance from Managua to Huehuete is 82 kms and takes 1:25 hours by car and 2:30 hours by bus to Huehuete and walking on the beach to Tupilapa.

Chacocente Beach

Chacocente is a beach similar to the La Flor beach. Just like La Flor, it is a natural reserve frequented by Olive Ridley and Tora turtle. You can watch the ‘arribadas’ and also see the baby turtles make their run to the sea about two months later.