Pochomil Beach

Pochomil the Family Beach Nicaragua Playanica
  • The Pochomil beach area is located one hour south west of Managua, the area consists of four different beaches (Listed from South to North):Pochomil Viejo
  • Pochomil
  • Masachapa
  • Montelimar

Each one of them are approximately 2 kilometers apart and you can walk on the beach between them, except to Montelimar as a rock formation blocks the path.

Pochomil Viejo Beach - The Exclusive Family Beach

Pochomil Viejo (Old Pochomil) is two kilometers south of Pochomil, a much more exclusive area with very limited public access and populated by 40 private homes. The ocean does not have rip currents and while high tide is more for surfers, low tide is ideal for young children and medium tide is great for teenagers and adults. Because of the convenience of being close to Masachapa and Pochomil where you can obtain many services, while the exclusivity of a very private beach; it is the favorite for families with children.

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VOTED #1 FAMILY BEACH OF NICARAGUANica Travel Magazine rated all the Nicaraguan beaches and rated Pochomil Viejo the #1 Family Beach of the country. “… a calm ocean, waterfalls, large flat sandy beach area for sports, turtle sightings, popularity among young families, quiet, very secluded from local population yet close to town, makes this our Number One beach for families with young children and teens.

Pochomil Viejo has a great sandy beach where you can play most sports, swim in the ocean, walk the beach, pick sea shells and much more. Additionally you should go to the Curtains ("Las Cortinas"), an ocean waterfall located about 800 meters north of our house (to your right as you face the ocean), where during high tide you will get an amazing bath.

Number One Family Beach Nicaragua Pochomil Viejo
Kids playing at the beach Pochomil Playanica.com

Since Pochomil Viejo is very exclusive and private, it is very common for turtles to come out. Watching turtles lay eggs is a once in a lifetime adventure, this is most common during Full Moon, but it happens most of the year. Just keep an eye for the turtles coming out, do not disturb them while they are entering the beach until they begin laying eggs. Once they begin, they cannot stop until they lay about 100 eggs. You can touch the shell of the turtle and observe her cry as she lays eggs.

Kids can go crab hunting (catch and release please), roast marshmallows on a bonfire, make large sand castles, play games and more.

Walking, jogging or riding south of Pochomil will give you a view of an empty beach for about 20 kilometers, rarely in the world will you see wonderful undisturbed beaches as in this location.

Renting a four wheeler motorcycle at Pochomil resort will give you a great opportunity to see the beach, just keep a slow speed for safety.

Pochomil Natural Waterfall for families

A natural waterfall separates Pochomil Viejo from Pochomil, during high tide you can sit on the rocks and get splashed by the waves.

Turtles come out of the ocean to lay eggs

The only reason a turtle comes out to the beach is to lay eggs. The local rule is that whoever gets behind the turtle first, owns the eggs. So try to get behind the turtle as it comes out of the water before anyone else does. You will find many turtle watching peasants, especially during full moon, and when they catch a turtle, they get all their eggs to eat or sell. We encourage you to get behind the turtle to own the eggs, but donate them to nature, DO NOT TOUCH the eggs, leave them in the ground and guard the area until everyone else is gone, to ensure poachers do not come back to steal the eggs. This will preserve the ecosystem and allow these little turtles to come back when they are adults. If you are unable to get to the turtle first, offer to buy the right to the eggs from the local peasant.

It is estimated that each turtle lays about 100 eggs and only 3 to 5 actually reach adulthood, which is why it is so critical to preserve them. Some eggs are not born, others die digging their way out of the sand, those who make it often are eaten by birds on the way to the ocean, and later the ocean predators eat a few more, which is why nature is so smart to allow turtles to lay so many eggs.

Pochomil Beach - The Popular Resort

Pochomil beach is a popular resort for Managua residents to spend their vacation, since it is the closest beach from the city of Managua. The resort charges a nominal entrance fee of $0.50 and is populated by many restaurants with straw roofs selling mostly fish, seafood and other popular drinks. During peak season, hundreds of buses full of people arrive in Pochomil and Masachapa for their enjoyment.

Immediately to the South there are private homes who share the beach with the popular resort followed by a bay with homes on a hill facing a nice rock structures where people go to "The Curtains" during high tide.

It is believed that Pochomíl was named in the early 20th century by a farmer by the name of Felipe Gutierrez, in reference to all the “pocho” (money) he hoped to earn from his ambitious duck and goat farm. "Mil" means one thousand, in other words, "Thousands of Money".

MASACHAPA: The Fisherman’s Town

Masachapa is located immediately north of Pochomil, it is the first town you see when you are coming from Managua. As with every small town, it has the basic necessities to provide its residents needed supplies. It has a Catholic Church, a park, several inexpensive restaurants, a Hotel-Restaurant-School, and fresh fish sales.

Its beaches are typically used by locals who wait for the fishermen to arrive from the sea and help them out carrying the boat back to shore. The only tourists who visit this beach are backpackers who stay in local B&B for a very low price.

Buying fresh fish in Masachapa

Fresh Fish at Masachapa beach Playanica.com

There a fisherman’s market in Masachapa, two blocks East of the Catholic Church, the groundskeeper will guide you there. They fish daily and the morning is the best time to buy it. If you hire a cook or go to any local restaurants, make sure you ask for the Nicaraguan favorite fish recipe, Pescado a la Tipitapa, fried fish with a tomato sauce and fried plantains. Other seafood dishes include Seafood Paella, lobsters, shrimp cocktails and fish ceviche. See full Nicaraguan gastronomic information below.

Purchasing groceries and necessities while at Pochomil

You have four options to get your groceries:

  1. Quick Convenience: Masachapa and Pochomil have several convenience stores, where you can buy fruits, vegetables and more. La Barra is the closest to Pochomil Viejo located about 500 meters north of the entrance to Pochomil popular resort. It has basic items such as ice, bottled water, gas, soft drinks, alcohol, and miscellaneous.
  2. Basic Supermarket: For complete shopping you will have to travel to San Rafael del Sur, about 14 kilometers south of Masachapa, to Pali Supermarket (Walmart subsidiary) with many local popular products but limited variety. Pali is located from the Catholic Church of San Rafael del Sur 1/2 block East
  3. Complete Supermarket: Whenever possible, stock up in Managua at La Colonia or La Union Supermarkets, which have many international brands and a large variety.
  4. Concierge Shopping: We can also offer the service of pre-purchasing the food for you, check out our Concierge page.

The gas station in Pochomil is Petronic (T: 8435-0105), it runs out of fuel regularly, so do not run empty. The groundskeeper can provide you with a fuel container to keep in reserve. If you have a motorcycle, it will consume about one tank full daily (2 ½ gallons).

MONTELIMAR: Private Resort

Montelimar is a private value resort all inclusive, managed by the Spanish chain Barcelo. For non guests, you may visit their casino and the main building for ATM service.