Popoyo Beach

Popoyo Surfers

Popoyo Beach is considered by many surfers among the best all-around surfing beaches in Nicaragua. It has a good balance of great surfing waves, long clean beach, many inexpensive lodging places and support infrastructure for both the surfers and their families.

Unlike other surfing beaches in the country that are great surf breaks but no restaurants or decent places to sleep, Popoyo has several hotels, vacation homes and it is close to other resorts.

You may find many blogs about Popoyo on the internet, and they all have one thing in common, they love the beach. Journey to Surf Popoyo Beach


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Popoyo beach is part of a set of consecutive beaches in the Southwestern Pacific of Nicaragua, it is located in the municipality of Tola, well known for its great and inexpensive beaches. Tola has 54 kilometers of great beaches. The TV movie Survivor Nicaragua was filmed in these beaches.

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What makes Tola beaches so great for surfing?

Rivas is considered the region with the highest wind energy potential in Nicaragua because of the cross wind that picks up at the great lake of Nicaragua and only travels over land for 20 kilometers before hitting the ocean, this wind, combined with the ocean currents generate tall and perfect surfing waves in Tola beaches. Beaches further south have higher mountains that slow down the wind, and further north do not have the benefit of the great lake to speed up the wind.

The international surfing championship of 2012 was held in Tola, Nicaragua.

A great resource on the area is located at http://visitatola.com/

La Novia de Tola

The most famous phrase of the region is the myth of “La Novia de Tola”, or Tola’s bride. In the latter part of the 19th century Hilaria, a young girl was preparing to get married, had invited the entire town to the church and while waiting at the altar, her fiancé Salvador did not show up. He instead was drunk in the hands of his lover. It was such a scandal that the myth of Tola’s bride is well known in Nicaragua and is often used when someone stands you up. So when you hear that “You were left like Tola’s bride” you know you were left waiting and no one came.