Frequently Asked Questions:

US airlines fly to Nicaragua

American, United-Continental, Delta and Spirit Airlines originating from Miami, Houston, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale respectively; all of these flights are 2 to 3 hours long. In addition, the regional carriers Copa and Avianca-TACA Airlines have multiple daily flights from Managua to hundreds of destinations in North, Central and South America.

Visa or vaccination certificate

Entry to Nicaragua for stays less than 90 days requires a valid Passport for more than 6 months, return ticket and a tourist card. No vaccines are required. This tourist card can be purchased at the airport for U$10 for stays up to 90 days. Citizens of the country exclusion list (Cuba, Haiti, many African and middle eastern countries) must obtain a prior visa from the Nicaraguan Consulate. See http://www.cancilleria.gob.ni/servicios/visas.shtml

Currency used in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Cordoba is the local currency. US Dollars is the most common currency accepted at many tourist destinations, Euros are not popular and rarely accepted except at banks and major hotels.

For currency conversion from US Dollars or Euros use: http://www.exchange-rates.org/converter/USD/NIO/1/Y

Credit Cards accepted

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted at many restaurants and formal businesses.

Type of AC Power

North American style 120 Volt, 60 Hertz is standard.


The sales tax, called IVA, is 15% on all goods and services. No sales tax is charged at the market, informal vendors and basic food items.

Transportation options to the beach home

· Private vehicle to take your group to and from the airport

· Rent a car at Budget Rent a car

· Airport Taxi, you must negotiate rates

Is a 4WD vehicle required?

No to Pochomil, San Juan del Sur and Poneloya. Although recommended if you plan to visit some areas of the country

Yes to Popoyo, especially in rainy season.

Weather at the beach

Sunny, warm and humid, with day temperature between 26oC and 37oC (78o F - 98oF) and lows between 18oC and 24oC (65oF - 75oF).

The warmest months are April through October.

The rainy season is May through October, with short but strong scattered thundershowers.

Pochomil weather: http://www.accuweather.com/en/ni/pochomil/1177782/weather-forecast/1177782

Popoyo and San Juan del Sur: http://www.accuweather.com/en/ni/san-juan-del-sur/255136/weather-forecast/255136

Poneloya: http://www.accuweather.com/en/ni/poneloya/253783/weather-forecast/253783

Cities worth visiting

* Granada

* Isletas de Granada

* Volcan Mombacho

* Masaya

* Volcan Masaya

* Mirador de Catarina

* Leon

* Leon Viejo

* Cerro Negro

To learn about other Nicaraguan cities, pictures and more, click here.

Nicaragua’s Safety

Nicaragua is considered the safest country in Latin America, crime rate is extremely low. Nonetheless since there is widespread poverty, it is important to keep your valuables with you at all times.

Click here to check the US State Department travel report on Nicaragua.

Medical attention

There are pharmacies in any city, such as Masachapa, Tola, Rivas and Poneloya. Hospitals in any major city such as Leon, Managua and Rivas

For more serious medical problems, go to Hospital Metropolitano in Managua (T: 2255-6900), it is JCI certified with the best private doctors, many of whom studied abroad and are bilingual.

Other good beaches on the Pacific Ocean

Nicaraguan beaches have been featured in many international magazines and by many sports enthusiasts as one of the best for surfing, fishing, swimming and basic R&R. Below is a list of beaches listed by department in geographical order (1=North, 41=Southernmost beach), from the Honduran border at the Northern Pacific to the Costa Rica border in Southern Pacific.

« Denotes a very popular beach with tourist services (tours, restaurants, hotels)

«« Besides popular, these are the most popular beaches of Nicaragua

Nicaraguan beaches

Typical driving distance from Managua to:

  • Chinandega beaches is 3:00 hours
  • Leon beaches is 1:30 to 2:00 hours
  • Managua beaches is 1:00 hour
  • Carazo beaches 1:00 to 1:30 hours
  • Rivas 2:30 to 3:30 hours

Traveling to some beaches with poorly maintained dirt roads or in remote locations may take longer.

For more details on Nicaraguan beaches, visit our NICARAGUAN BEACHES page.

Nicaraguan cuisine

Nicaragua has the most extensive cuisine in Central America, "La comida Nica," as Nicaraguans call their cuisine, is a Latin creole mix of indigenous and Spanish dishes and ingredients. Corn, beans, plantains, yuca and beef are popular ingredients. Seafood is common along the Pacific and Caribbean coast. Nicaraguans make extensive use of a wide variety of tropical fruits. Due to its history and geographical location, Nicaraguan food uses many Maya indigenous corn dishes, South American Inca plantain dishes, Caribbean seafood and Spaniard influence. You will also find the traditional international meals at most restaurants, such as burgers, pizza, fried chicken and spaghetti, but you should be adventurous and try the local cuisine, you will love it!!!

See a full description on our Nicaraguan Gastronomic Page.

Gratuity guidelines for service

People serving you at the vacation rental work behind the scenes making your vacation more enjoyable, so it is recommended that you tip them as a way of rewarding them for outstanding service.

Our suggested gratuity guidelines take in account the employees that work hard to provide and maintain the highest level of service while staying at the vacation home. Whether working behind the scenes or serving your meal, our staff makes sure you enjoy every moment spent at the beach.

The daily amounts below have been calculated with this in mind.

The suggested gratuities are:

  • Housekeeper: $1/day/guest
  • Groundskeeper: $1/day/guest
  • Cook: $1/day/guest

With small groups, a minimum tip of $10 USD per day is recommended. Gratuities are voluntary and at the discretion of each guest. These guidelines serve as suggestions to help guest express their gratitude for the outstanding service they experience at their beach vacation.

Gratuities for other service personnel are at your discretion.

Gratuity guidelines for restaurants

A minimum of 10% of the entire bill; however, a 15% tip is recommended when you receive outstanding service.

Other tips

When you park your car in a public place, children will approach you to "keep an eye on the car". A C$10 to C$30 cordoba tip ($0.35 - $1 USD) is customary.